Making The Most Of Your Intellectual Property

From procuring individual patents to building and protecting intellectual property portfolios, our job is to help you make the most of your ideas and inventions.

Dallas-Based Lawyers With An International Reach

Attorneys Greg H. Parker And Joel Justiss Outdoors

Experienced Domestic And International Intellectual Property Attorneys

Attorneys Greg H. Parker And Joel Justiss Outdoors

Entrusting your work, your creations, your intellectual property to anyone else is a big deal. You want to work with someone who understands your business and your IP, and who has the experience and knowledge not only to help you protect it, but to help you make the most of it.

At Parker Justiss in Dallas, we have been doing this work for decades, and we love it. We love being at the forefront of ideas that have the potential to change entire industries and the world as a whole. That love of what we do is at the heart of our longevity, and paired with our in-depth knowledge is why clients come back to us year after year.

The firm provides counseling on both domestic matters and, through association with well-established firms worldwide, international matters. Extensive use is made of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (international patent filings), Madrid Protocol (international trademark filings) and various other international conventions to acquire rights to inventions and trademarks in the United States and abroad.

We Understand The Hard Science

Our team is made up of attorneys and staff who are also engineers, chemists, computer scientists and more. We have PhDs. We’ve worked in labs and in the field. We know how things work.

You can be confident in our ability to quickly connect with the ideas and inventions you bring us, understand them and then clearly communicate them, whether to the US Patent and Trademark Office or a similar international entity, or to a jury.


Trademarks & Trade Secrets

Meet Our Team

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Detail-Oriented And Holistic

Details matter. In science, business and the law, every single detail counts. Our reputation has been earned by respecting the details, from following our clients’ instructions and checklists, to the functionality of intellectual property, to staying in alignment with the requirements of the Patent and Trademark Office. Uncrossed Ts and undotted Is lead to lost time and money. Not at our law firm.

We also recognize that intellectual property is so much more than a patent or trademark. It’s an opportunity. It’s an asset. It’s the framework upon which a business’s identity may be built. With that in mind, we strive to help you make the most of everything you bring us. Yes, we will secure the patent or trademark you requested, but if you are open to it, we can also help you identify opportunities to secure protection of your idea at the greatest possible scope. Our goal is not only to help you obtain a single patent or trademark, but to help you build and protect a lucrative intellectual property portfolio.