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We Counsel You On Your Intellectual Property Outlook

An enlightened company’s intellectual property strategy extends beyond merely frustrating the competition. Many day-to-day issues necessarily involve intellectual property considerations.

The attorneys of Parker Justiss have significant experience clearing the way to practice in a given technical field, dealing with assertions of infringement by others and ensuring that confidential information and copyrights are defined and secure. Clients from across Texas and the world turn to our firm because we offer highly attentive service coupled with a scientist’s insight into the world of intellectual property.

Automating IP Protections For Clients

The surest way to achieve smooth business operation is to automate. Understanding this, we have developed systems for identifying, protecting and exploiting a company’s ideas on an ongoing basis so management is reassured that its vital interests remain safe. Our expertise ensures that the systems we recommend are consistent with both mission and organization.

We can also teach inventors how to recognize patentable inventions in their work and in the work of others and give inventors basic information regarding intellectual property by providing seminars or one-on-one inventor or management counseling as appropriate.

Forward-Thinking, Insightful Lawyers

Today’s competitive business environment demands that companies pay close attention to long-term strategy, so they can anticipate future opportunities and threats rather than merely react to them.

To date, questions regarding a company’s strategic technical direction and proprietary position have been widely regarded as separate and unanswerable. However, thanks to a new level of perspective and analysis that has only recently become available, clear answers are now possible. For the first time, a company’s technical direction and intellectual property position can work in tandem, resulting in a significant increase in the company’s worth.

Learn How We Can Help Your Business

Our lawyers work hand-in-hand with management and strategic business planners to support the assessment of a client’s technology, position in the market, opportunities for new products or services and growth or exit strategy. The objective is to produce an integrated business, technical and intellectual property plan that gives the client purpose and direction and brings value to current or potential investors and purchasers.

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