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What Is a Patent Or Copyright Opinion

A patent or copyright opinion is a legal review of your intellectual property and its copyrightability or patentability. Essentially, it is an outline of how your IP deserves – or perhaps does not deserve – protection under the law.

Copyright and patent applications are complex, requiring intensive research and sophisticated knowledge of the matters at hand. At Parker Justiss all of our attorneys have first-hand experience as scientists and can bring a deep understanding of the scientific and legal issues at hand. We have helped clients from Houston and across Texas with IP opinion matters and we can help you.

Do I Need An Opinion?

Securing an opinion on whether your work can receive protection under copyright or patent law is not necessary to move forward with an application. However, patenting and official copyright protections are expensive and time-consuming operations. You will have to do a great deal of leg work and meet many deadlines and requirements, which may all be wasted if the patent office does not agree.

Receiving an opinion first is a way of ensuring that your hard work does not go to waste. You get to see exactly what your prospects are before you start. Also, it can help you shore up any weaknesses in your application before you ever get started.

Getting An Opinion

An opinion is only possible to craft with the requisite legal and scientific knowledge. However, our firm is well-suited to providing you with the one. We want to help you attain your goals and protect your work. Contact us today in our office to schedule a meeting. You can reach us by phone at 972-941-3670 or send an email using this form.