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Protecting Your IP In Court

In intellectual property (IP), there are always opportunities for disputes to arise. Because IP is so important and difficult to define, IP rights and violations are extremely common. That’s why companies need a highly detailed, informed team of lawyers protecting them.

At Parker Justiss we have extensive experience and insight into all aspects of IP law. Our attorneys have the scientific background to understand even the most complex and esoteric of technical matters. We also understand how vital IP is to profitability and will take decisive action to defend your rights.

Types Of Intellectual Disputes

Anyone who has a significant stake in intellectual property has some anxiety around the concept of a dispute. IP disputes often center on issues of infringement, including:

  • Patent infringement: The use of a product or a service you designed without proper licensing.
  • Copyright violation: The copy and sale of your copyrighted written work or music without compensation.
  • Trademark confusion and dilution: Using marketing materials similar to or outright duplicative of an established brand.
  • Trade secret theft: Basing practices or strategies for a market on internal information from a competitor.

These types of IP issues are highly complex, and no matter which side of them you are on, you stand to lose a great deal without skilled help.

Trial Vs. Negotiation In IP Disputes

You should know that just because there is an IP dispute does not mean that it will definitely go to trial. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), for example, serves as a prime example. When an artist finds that someone has used their work without paying for it, they may send a notice to the offender to cease use or pay a fee. In most cases, that’s as far as the dispute may go.

However, trials are often necessary to protect your rights, and DMCA notices are just a small part of the overall IP protection ecosystem. You deserve all of the protections you can get. Perhaps your matter ends in negotiation, which may be faster and less expensive. But litigation can frequently be the only path to the outcome you most desire.

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