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Protecting Your Idea’s Value With Copyrights

After all the creative effort we put into drafting, developing and perfecting our ideas, it only makes sense that we also protect them through copyrights. The last thing you want to see after bringing your work into reality is someone else using it without your permission for their own profits. Thankfully, we can help prevent that from happening.

At Parker Justiss we have been representing domestic and international businesses with their copyright needs for more than 15 years. Our Texas attorneys are also scientists, which means we understand the value of a good idea and the necessity to protect it. Whether you were looking to protect your literary, musical, technical or any other work, we invite you to come to learn how we can help.

Experienced Guidance Every Step Of The Way

The process of securing copyright for a product is often more complex than our clients imagine. Our extensive experience in copyright law allows us to help you build a copyright portfolio through every step of the process while handling complicated challenges such as:

  • Obtaining both United States and foreign copyright registrations
  • Considering fair use, public domain and freedom to use matters
  • Enforcing your copyright and defending against infringement coins
  • Negotiating the rights surrounding your copyright
  • Advising on issues involving development, licensing or distribution and anything else that may arise

We are a law firm that goes the extra mile for our clients in everything that we do, so if you are looking to form a business related to your copyrighted material, we can also explore how registering a trademark might benefit you. If you are ready to meet with a law firm that is as committed to your best interests as you are, do not wait another moment to reach out to our skilled and dedicated legal team.

Pursue Your Copyright Today

We help clients from a diverse range of fields, including publishing it, photography, technology, manufacturing and entertainment. If you believe you are in possession of intellectual property that needs to be protected through the benefits of copyright, contact our Dallas office by calling 972-941-3670 or emailing us here to schedule your initial consultation today.