Decades Of Experience In Science, Business And Intellectual Property Law

Our Intellectual Property Legal Team

After going through the effort of developing a variable piece of intellectual property, your next step should be protecting your idea. When you need skilled legal representation for your intellectual property needs, you want to be sure the law firm you choose is capable of protecting your best interests.

At Parker Justiss, each of our team members has been serving the intellectual property needs of clients throughout Texas for more than 15 years. We protect the ideas and creations of our clients because, as scientists ourselves, we know the value of intellectual property. You can learn more about our attorneys and their backgrounds here:

  • Greg H. Parker – has extensive experience in many areas of intellectual property litigation, including preparing to go before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.
  • Joel Justiss – has helped clients pursue patents in areas including software, HVAC, and computer and electrical inventions. He also has considerable experience in claims analysis, reexaminations, and developing strategies for patent protection.

How Our Experience Benefits You

Not all intellectual property attorneys can offer the same level of representation. When other law firms may provide you with the standard procedure for intellectual property concerns, we develop personalized strategies that we base on your unique needs.

We have an extensive history of representing major clients at both domestic and international levels. When some of our clients are among the largest patent filers in the world, we must be sure that we are providing them with the exceptional representation that their needs demand.

Part of what helps us meet that demand is our collaboration with businesses to make the most out of their intellectual property. Instead of just completing the initial task given to us, we work with our clients to explore what other methods are available for them to benefit from their intellectual property by developing an intellectual property portfolio with them.

Let Us Help Secure Your Idea

If you are looking for help with legal issues related to your intellectual property, reach out to a Texas law firm that knows exactly what you are going through. Call our Dallas office at 972-941-3670 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.