Decades Of Experience In Science, Business And Intellectual Property Law

We Take On The Complexities Of Foreign And Domestic IP Protections

Sophisticated businesses have come to recognize the importance of protecting the products, services and markets that they have worked so hard to develop. For this reason, the foundation of our firm is domestic and foreign patent procurement in the fields of electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science.

At Parker Justiss our lawyers provide legal services to companies of varying sizes with a variety of intellectual property needs in Dallas and across Texas. Our attorneys have the technical, legal and business experience that is crucial to understand a client’s technology, identify inventions and construct a patent portfolio that enhances the value of the business without losing sight of the client’s other priorities.

Our Patent Procurement Services

Though U.S. patents can offer broader scope and are often more straightforward to obtain and enforce than those of other nations, companies with overseas activity must assess international patent protection as they develop their overall strategy. To ensure that clients fully comprehend and exploit global opportunities, we know today’s international patent strategies and can procure foreign patent rights to support them.

In addition to patent procurement, we pursue domestic and foreign trademark registrations. We also bring to bear significant expertise in the patent, trademark, software and trade secret licensing and litigation support that keeps a client on track and in business.

Boutique Firm Service, Hard Science Experience

We set our firm apart from others in two important ways. One is the boutique service experience. We are small, agile and dedicated to listening to our clients’ worries. We can move quickly on issues and provide you with a hands-on attorney-client relationship.

The other piece is that our lawyers are also scientists. This isn’t an exaggeration. It’s a fact. Each of our team member has the credentials and experience of working in science. We can understand even the most technical of patent matters, and we dedicate ourselves to providing the service you deserve.

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