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What intellectual property should restaurants protect?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Trade Secrets

In a competitive industry like the restaurant business, intellectual property (IP) is often the cornerstone of a unique identity and success. With the culinary world’s evolution and the increasing focus on local artisan foods and celebrity chefs, safeguarding a restaurant’s creative assets can be more critical than ever​​.

IP encompasses tangible and intangible assets, such as recipes, brand names and even certain elements of the customer experience, distinguishing a restaurant in a crowded market. These unique features can draw in customers and make a restaurant memorable over its competitors.


Trademarks identify the source of goods, helping customers distinguish one restaurant’s offerings from another’s. They may include a restaurant’s name, logo, menu item names and various marketing approaches. Even if not registered, the name of a restaurant is a valuable asset and can have associated trademark rights​​.


Copyrights safeguard original works of authorship. The need for copyrights doesn’t end with only physical materials. Restauranteurs should also copyright all online material they produce for their restaurant. This can include blogs and website content.

Trade secrets

Recipes, customer lists and unique kitchen processes fall under this category. Anything that gives a business an economic edge over competitors and isn’t generally known can be protected as a trade secret. This includes methods, techniques or processes unique to the restaurant​​. These must be safeguarded via contractual protections, as the government doesn’t explicitly offer protection for trade secrets.


Though more challenging to obtain, patents can be a powerful form of protection for unique inventions or processes in the food industry.

Why should restaurants protect their IP?

The restaurant industry is a high stakes environment, where distinctiveness is vital to attracting and retaining customers. Protecting IP not only secures a restaurant’s unique offerings but also its brand reputation. Without proper protections, operators risk losing their competitive edge and even face legal challenges if they inadvertently infringe on others’ IP rights​​.

Because this industry features such fierce competition, working with someone familiar with protecting restaurant-related IP is critical if you own a restaurant. You don’t want to make any missteps that might lead to legal problems or unfair competition in the future.